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Want to know what is coming? See below for the current works in progress.


YA Sci-Fi Adventure


I #amquerying this 99,636 word manuscript. It is perfect for fans of video games (e.g. World of Warcraft), virtual reality (VR), and Ready Player One. 


Adult Romance


Inspired by a camping trip I took with my family, this sweet romance is booked for review with editors in June 2021. Watch this site for more updates as it will be released this summer!


Elta Series Prequel - Coming April 5th

Readers have asked many times when I will have another Elta Series book released. I'll be honest, I need to finish Book 3, but I have a prequel that will be ready for summer 2021. I promise I will write Book 3.


YA Adventure

I've received some early beta reader feedback for this one and am looking forward to returning to it. This was another novel that I wanted to let rest so I could return to it with fresh eyes. I'm looking forward to sharing this one with you when it is ready.


Adult Military

There is some work to do on this one, but it is a story that I have loved picking away at. Because I love the story, I am taking my time to make sure I get it right.

And many more...
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