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A Shot at Peace



Frantic to escape an ambush by Nadeen soldiers, Colfar March flees his home world, Elta, and finds himself on Earth. Living among the residents of Gerber Springs, a peaceful prairie town, a young woman captures Colfar's heart. But the Nadeens are in pursuit. Determined to capture Colfar and his surviving teammates, the Nadeens make Colfar's vision for peace seem unobtainable as they threaten everything - and everyone - he cares for.


A Shot at Peace is the first book in the Elta series, featuring exciting action, a little science fiction, and sweet romance. If you enjoy a fast-paced, clean read, then pick up A Shot at Peace today.

A Bridge to Peace


The Trial is over and Colfar waits in prison for the day of his death to arrive. A desperate rescue pries him loose, while many of his friends remain behind. But, who are his rescuers and can he trust them?

Faced with the heartbreak of betrayal, Colfar's shattered emotions are dragged through the wilderness as they flee the city. Hoping desperately the rumors of a Defector community are true, they search for possible allies in the Millers' struggle for freedom from the oppression and violence of the Nadeens.

But who are these strange new figures with ties to Hannah?

Why does fate continue to entangle Hannah and Colfar together?

Together, can they find A Bridge to Peace?


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