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ELTA SERIES Prequel - BOOK 0 - Now available on Amazon! 

War has ravaged eleven-year-old Colfar’s community. Sheltered in a small valley, no one dares to venture out to the fields above and risk violence for trespassing. But his community is running out of space and they must negotiate with their enemies for more.


Colfar has never known peace. While the adults focus on protecting the community, he tries to contribute and stay out of trouble. Privileged with living parents, Colfar is a target of bullying by his grieving peers, adding to an already difficult life.


Fueled by his desire for change and not wanting to be treated as a child, Colfar is determined to prove his usefulness. When he overhears the leadership discuss expanding the village, he seizes the opportunity to investigate the land above his village on his own. What he discovers is more than he is ready to face alone.


A Hope of Peace is available on Amazon!

The long-awaited prequel to A Shot at Peace is finally here. Pick up your copy today!


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